The mission of the Friends of the Roc City Skatepark, Inc. is to have a positive impact on youth and community by advocating for a skatepark system and all progression-oriented sports.


The main flagship skatepark will be a destination-level urban park that is wheel friendly, free to the public with open access, and owned and maintained by the City of Rochester.


The work of the Friends of the Roc City Skatepark Board of Directors continues.

Tomorrow evening, we have a virtual board meeting via Zoom.

Today, we were informed that we have earned the Silver Seal of Transparency from Guidestar, an organization dedicated to providing information about nonprofit organizations. Silver indicates that we are extremely transparent about our finances and exactly how we use your donations.

We are proud of this accomplishment, and we thank you for your ongoing support.
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This was shared by Jaime Saunders, CEO of the United Way. Foodlink is where City Councilman Mitch Gruber works.

Both have been very, very good to the Roc City Skatepark.

If you are healthy and capable, let’s give back.

✌🏿❤️- Jim Maddison
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I am among the select few who are very much at risk during this pandemic. In fact, I take two out of the top 10 spots on the CDC list for underlying medical conditions that increase the risk of serious COVID-19. Go me!

I have a disease called CIDP, which is an autoimmune disease that impacts my peripheral nervous system. Basically, my immune system has decided to attack my nervous system.

I refuse to let it define me, and I have been thriving with the disease for over ten years. But, current events are a good reason to share. If you are young and healthy, the protective measures in place may seem silly. If you test positive for this virus, there is a good chance you beat it without a single symptom.

For me, this virus will make me very, very sick; I would likely have to be hospitalized; and, there is good chance of it killing me. This virus spreads so quickly, and I am not afraid to admit that I am scared.

On a very, very personal level, I am asking people to follow the directions of the doctors informing these protective measures; they are not part of media and do not benefit from hyperbole. As you are washing your hands and social distancing, I have two suggestions.

First, watch Wrestlemania VI from 1990 when The Warrior and Hulk Hogan got after it for the first ever unified belt. The Warrior does that thing where he starts dancing and becomes immune to Hulk Hogan’s onslaught. It’s amazing.

Second, make some💰💰💰by donating plasma at a place called CSL Plasma. There are three in Rochester. People can donate every 72 hours, get paid (I think you can make ~$400 per month) and you can help people who really need your help, like me. The fear of an immune globulin shortage is very real for people who must have it regularly.

Every four weeks, I get plugged into my pump - “Stan” - for over four hours while healthy immune globulin is infused into me. The photo I provide of the boxes is a single monthly infusion dose, and it took over 1,000 donors to make that single dose. This is why people get paid for their healthy immune globulin.

If I get my infusion monthly, I feel good and the disease process is stopped for another four weeks. If I do not get my monthly infusion, the disease process starts again. My immune system attacks and destroys the myelin covering around my nerve axons. The nerve pain is unreal. You know those photos of monks self-immolating? It feels like those pictures look. Very quickly, my immune system will attack more nerve axons, which cannot be healed. Every flare up, I lose more feeling in my body. I worry about an immune globulin shortage during and long after this pandemic, and hope you consider giving.

I hope it doesn’t appear that I am co-opting this page for personal reasons. That is not my intent. This is a difficult and confusing time, and felt this was an appropriate forum to share this very small and related part of my life.

✌🏿❤️ - Jim Maddison
President, Board of Directors
Friends of the Roc City Skatepark
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I have collected a lot of images over the years related to the skatepark in some way, shape or form. Now seems as good a time as any to share, and I hope you enjoy during this difficult and uncertain time. Be well everyone.✌🏿❤️ - Jim Maddison, President of the Board ... See MoreSee Less

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